Anthony Lavisher: Whispers of a Storm

Kindle edition: ASIN: B007TN9VE2 also available as paperback
Kindle edition: ASIN: B007TN9VE2 also available as paperback


As far as I know, this is the first novel by Anthony Lavisher.  I saw a tweet,  read a review, liked what I read and bought the novel.

I was not disappointed, on the contrary.


Peace has reigned in the Four Vales for about 50 years now. The enemies wear themselves out by tribal wars among themselves — they pose no threat. The high duke wants to continue the policy his father pursued before him, as it means peace and a good standard of living for his subjects. He is popular with many, but opposition is building, and they want to thwart the high duke’s plans. The opposition plan to abduct the princess of one of the vales in order to put pressure on the ruling people.

A stonemason accidentally overhears a conversation about the planned kidnapping. From now on, his life and freedom aren’t safe any more. However, his knowledge helps the young princess in no small measure.

Both the stonemason and the princess have to fight for their lives.


My thoughts:


Somebody somewhere compared it to the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘ series. Well, I think it is better. I read the first two volumes of that series fairly quickly, but put down the third one several times and took ages to complete it. I stalled after a few pages of the fourth volume, and right now, I am not sure I’ll go on reading the fourth volume, let alone so much as start the fifth. The novelty has worn off, and it’s just violence and then some more violence.

So, OK, there are some violent scenes in Whisper of a Storm, too, but they are not ends in themselves, and they aren’t dwelt upon for pages and pages. They are merely parts of the story that unfolds.

The characters are well described: you feel with (and for) Cassana. Her known universe goes to pieces from one moment to the next. She doesn’t know who to trust, which is made all the more difficult because she isn’t even sure of herself. Her emotions are in turmoil.

There is a clear development of the characters; it is realistic and convincing.

The story has got everything you can expect from a good story: suspense, a bit of romance, mystery… you name it, you’ll find it in the story.


Oh, and the writing style is beautiful, I nearly forgot to mention that. 🙂

It’s a page turner, so best plan your other activities for a later time, cause you’ll want to finish the book first, then go on reading the second part (and then wait impatiently for the third and last part), before doing anything else. Read, enjoy, and share with your friends!



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