Reading/listening list August 2014

I’m currently reading Veronica Mars – The Thousand Dollar Tan Line — albeit in German. The German title is incredibly stupid, but I quite like the book. I’m hoping the translator didn’t have any say in the title and did a good job of the translation. I’m reading this book in a readers/books forum (Literaturschock), and as this is a German forum, so are the books we read and discuss.

I won the book, which is nice.

Next up is: Im Schatten der Vergeltung, an historical novel with a horrid cover.


I’m currently listening to The Queen of Hearts  and don’t know yet what I’ll listen to next.


Well, now I know. Today I downloaded Wives and Daughters (by Elisabeth Cleghorn Gaskell). I should probably listen to The Moorland Cottage first, cause I helped to record it but never listened to the whole book yet.


Today, I downloaded quite a few books for my Kindle, but they’ll have to wait because I signed up for a monthly round of reading with two books from my sub: Christine Falls, and Flight Behaviour.


I’m glad I have ebook readers, so my largest sub is a virtual one, so does not add tothe huge pile of paperbooks.


I’ll keep you posted about my progress: in English, if the book is in English, and in German if the book is in German.


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