Name a character in Vengeance of a Storm

If you haven’t read the first two sequels, you should do so now, and then suggest a character name for a chance to win a signed copy of the next instalment.

Anthony Lavisher - Author

Next April will see the arrival of the final instalment of the Storm Trilogy – ‘Vengeance of a Storm.’  A culmination of six years of my life, will see the thrilling climax of a story that I will be sad to leave behind.

To say goodbye, I am offering one person the chance to name a character in the finale. The winning name, chosen by myself, will appear in Vengeance of a Storm and will be for a very interesting character who will ‘feature’ not just appear once and disappear for the rest of the novel.   To be in with a chance to win (and recieve a signed copy of Vengeance of a Storm when it is released, simply post your name on this blog post.  (Note: First name and Surname required and all names must be original)

The character is a young rider from Carwell. Thrust into the storm…

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