Review: Shadows of a Storm by Anthony Lavisher

Shadows of a Storm
Shadows of a Storm
Anthony Lavisher
Paperback: €14,97
Kindle Edition: ~ € 1,97


Taken from Amazon:


A dark plot to kidnap a Valian noblewoman has been thwarted, her life spared by those who would seek to fight against the rising tide of violence that threatens to shatter the stability and peace of the Four Vales.

Saved by those with agendas of their own, Cassana, daughter of the Lord of the North Vales seeks the sanctuary of her home. Danger chases after her ever faltering step, the shadows filled by those who will not allow her to escape a second time.

With dark storm clouds gathering over the capital city Karick and the shadowy menace of betrayal lurking in its marble halls, one man has the knowledge that could stop those seeking change, before it is too late.

Pursued by those that would silence him the stonemason Khadazin flees southwards, seeking the protection of a monastery, a place where he believes he will be safe, where he can recoup and plan his revenge.

With increased Reven attacks and brittle unrest in the capital, sides will have to be chosen and stances made. Who will rise to stand against those wreaking havoc, who will seek the storm and embrace the chaos starting to take hold?

A gritty tale of political betrayal, Book Two of the Storm Trilogy picks up where Whispers of a Storm left off, plunging the reader, once again, deep into the midst of the action, the danger and the adventure.


What I think:

If you’ve read the first volume (Whispers of a Storm), you really should read this sequel. It’s as beautifully written as the first volume.

It drew me in straight away, and I can’t wait for the next instalment.

The characters are deep, and I really felt with them. It is fast-paced, and there was no passage where I thought it was slow or even dull. On the contrary! It takes you on a journey through the four vales; you accompany old friends and foes, and you get to learn new ones. Everything is very colourful, and the storm builds up and up….

Nobody is just black or white; even the master villain seems to have some secret which may well have made him the man he is now.

There are lots of twists and turns, and I can’t wait to see the whole picture, to learn how it all comes together in the end.

Usually, I’m not fond of being left on tenterhooks, but this book is so beautifully written and has such great characters and such a marvellous plot that I forgive the author, as it means I have the third volume to look forward to.


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