Und weil’s so schön ist, diesen gleich hinterher…

Hauptsache Bücher

Die Party geht weiter mit dem LibriVox Community Podcast #140

(ist zwar englisch, aber es ist quasi der Geist von LV konzentriert)

celebrating LibriVox’s tenth birthday

Hosted by RuthieG.

Duration: 25:57

Featuring SonoftheExiles, chocoholic, commonsparrow3, Peter Why, commonsparrow3, hugh, mhhbook, smike, GregGiordano and a host of others.

00:00 Song: Ten years, ten years and still going strong!
03:22 Introduction
03:37 SonoftheExiles offers advice from Bachelor 1, a truly amazing reader!
05:04 So you think recording is straightforward…
06:33 Laurie Anne (chocoholic): the tribulations of recording with dogs and children around.
07:48 Freudian slips.
08:53 Peter Yearsley (Peter Why) takes us through his (nearly) 10 years with LibriVox.
10:13 A tweet and blog post from a listener.
12:17 Maria Kasper (commonsparrow3) tells us of the liberation of her voice.
14:31 Message from Hugh McGuire (hugh).
16:50 Mary from Arkansas (mhhbook) tells us of 10 favourite listens.
18:58 Claudia Salto (smike) sings…

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