Review: S.J. Parris – Heresy (Audiobook)

S.J. Parris: Heresy; Narrator: Laurence Kennedy; Whole Story Audiobooks; 14:52h; 19,20€ (audible)
S.J. Parris: Heresy; Narrator: Laurence Kennedy; Whole Story Audiobooks; 14:52h; 19,20€ (audible)

This is an amazing book. It’s great mystery, but it is more than that, as it shows us some of the reasons why Catholics and Protestants still don’t see eye to eye in some countries. I could hardly put it down, or better, switch it off.

It has always puzzled me, that people, who have themselves been prosecuted, tortured and killed for their beliefs then go on and do the exact same thing to their fellow humans once they get the chance.
Listening to this book, I very nearly felt sorry for the Catholics, but then the Catholics themselves weren’t any better than the Protestants, and at times, I think they deserved what they got.

The book plays during the reign of queen Victoria after she had chased Mary away — the time is 1583.
Superstitions and Prejudices abound, as well as conspiracy theories.
The historical facts and tidbits of interest are strewn in so inconspicuously that you’ll only notice them as facts if you have some knowledge about the time. Don’t worry if you haven’t, you’ll learn a lot without noticing it.

I really loved the narration, Laurence Kennedy did an amazing job, and I’ll certainly check out other works by both the author (there are sequels) and the narrator.


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