Review: Brandon Sanderson – Calamity (Reckoners #3)

Brandon Sanderson: Calamity (Reckoners #3); narrator: McLeod Andrews; audible studios, 11:51h, 24,46 €


This is the grand finale to the Epic tale. We’re no longer in New York, and we haven’t gone back to Chicago, but we’re in Atlanta now, which, just like the steel-city and the water-city, has a specific feature: the buildings, trees, etc are made of salt, AND the city moves, destroying and rebuilding itself every seven days.
David and his decimated team of Reckoners meet old foes and new ones, and they aren’t well equipped or prepared. However, they get help from unexpected quarters, and so they take up the fight against Prof — and ultimately, against Calamity.

Again, this book is full of surprises, there are so many unexpected twists and turns, it is a joy to behold. I really need to make my son listen to this epic (sorry, can’t resist the pun here) trilogy, so at least somebody will know what I mean, should I ever find myself exclaiming: “Sparks!” or “Calamity!” Yes, that’s all the cursing there is (and it’s very often just an exclamation of surprise).

Oh, and I love didgeridooing — I want that filter for some of the books I read/listen to!!

McLeod Andrews’narration was perfect again, and I think I prefer him to Michael Kramer (who is a great narrator, too).

So, I guess you can see that I’m quite enthusiastic about this trilogy, it’s great ya stuff that makes you think, because of course all the right questions are being raised (about the legitimacy of killing a foe, for instance, and how you go on living with the knowledge that you’ve killed –admittedly dangerous, tyrannical — people who never chose to be like they are. Can you overcome the darkness within you? Can friends help you with it? And what about love?
This trilogy isn’t just a great ya story, but it is food for thought, too.


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