Review: Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho: The Alchimist, narrator: Jeremy Irons, audible/brilliance audio, 4h, 23,95€
This is a tale in the style of The Arabian Nights, or An Nachtfeuern der Karawan-Serail, and I’m a sucker for tales and fairy tales. And so, I really enjoyed this tale of the shepherd who went to have his life’s dream fulfilled. He is lucky, because he gets help from various people, starting with his parents, and ending with some bandits (who, of course, don’t mean to help).
It is a sweet little story, and it probably has some morale, too, but that’s a bit hard to understand, maybe because I’m not religiously or esoterically inclined.
Still, if you don’t mind the more or less complete lack of female protagonists, and some magic/mysterious powers intervening, you’ll certainly spend a nice four hours happily listening to Jeremy Irons, who was the perfect choice to narrate this story. In fact, his narration adds greatly to the experience.

A Penny for your Thoughts

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