Chris Grabenstein: Escape from Mr. lemoncello’s Library; narrated by Jesse Bernstein, audio, 6:20h, 25,33€

This audio book was a freebie, and it had been in my library for a while now. I didn’t read any reviews, nor summary, so I had no idea what to expect.


Turned out, this is not a sinister story, where somebody is kept prisoner in some library and desperately tries to escape.


Instead, it is a wonderful story about children, getting to know their brand new local library in a fun, if challenging way. There is absolutely nothing that is not to love about this story.


The book is aimed (as I mentioned before, I had no idea) at young children, but if you’re an adult, do yourself a favour and read this book to your children. There’s so much in it to fire your fantasy, and to make you try solving the puzzle, it is absolutely amazing.

Although the narration was fine on the whole, the narrator was incredibly bad at accents. No matter which language — Russian, French, Italian, Irish — he tried, they all sounded alike, and they all sounded Indian. I feel that no accent at all would have greatly improved the narration.


A Penny for your Thoughts

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