Review: Whitney Barbetti – Ten Below Zero


This was a book club choice, and although I shelved it under ‘Romance’, I’m not quite sure this is the accurate genre. Then again, I have no idea what genre it fits.

It is the story of Everett and Parker: he, a dying man, she, a shell-shocked woman (though not from war).

They get to know each other by mere chance, and each seems to find something in the other they need.

While I listened, I wondered just why the hell I had agreed to listen to yet another story with a dying protagonist (I never finished the last one). This book and audio being on Kindle unlimited helped me with my decision, because at least I wouldn’t feel that I wasted money in case I disliked the book, or was so upset that I never finished it.
However, I actually liked the unfurling story, I even liked the protagonists, although I have to say I’m glad I don’t have to deal with them in real life.
Both are scarred (physically and mentally), and their behaviour is accordingly.

It’s impossible to say more without giving away the plot, but I have to say that I did not regret listening to this story. Natasha Soudek does a good job at narrating the story, unobtrusive, so you can lose yourself in the story.
It’s not a sweet romance in any way, but it certainly is touching.

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