Review: David A. Wells – Sovereign Stone (Sovereign of the Seven Isles #2)


David A. Wells: Sovereign Stone (Sovereign of the Seven Isles #2); Narrator: Derek Perkins, Podium Publishing, audible, 16:20h, 26,21€

This is a great sequel to Thinblade. I very much enjoyed the world, and I’d love to spend time to explore Blackstone Keep, which sounds like a fascinating place. I hope we’ll get to know a bit more about it in the sequels.

We have new dangers and adventures here, and we find out a bit about the Reishi Gates.

Isabel and Abigail are left in quite the predicament, and the book ends fairly abruptly, so make sure you have the sequel at the ready. I subtracted one star because of it, because I really loathe open endings and cliffhangers, and here’s a pretty mean one.
Luckily, that series is completely published, so I don’t need to wait for publication.

Again, Derek Perkins narrates this wonderfully and brings the story and the characters to life.


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