Review and Giveaway: Darkside Blues by Ambrose Ibsen (Audio)

Author: Ambrose Ibsen

Narrator: Jake Urry

Length: 5 hours 43 minutes

Publisher: Ambrose Ibsen⎮2017

Series: The Ulrich Files

Genre: Horror


“Ghosts don’t simply latch onto places, investigator. People can become haunted, too.”

A missing person. A city plunged into unforgiving winter. A dangerous spirit.

Though enjoying an increase in business following his last case, life isn’t all roses for private investigator Harlan Ulrich. His newest job, another missing person’s case, is unlike any other he’s ever taken on.

Local businessman Michael Poole hires Ulrich to find his estranged daughter.

The problem?

She’s been dead for a decade.

Join Ulrich on a trip into the darkness, into the frostbitten underworld, as he seeks out a hateful phantom with only a cat and a thermos of good coffee on his side.

This is the third sequel of the Ulrich Files that I listened to within a relatively short time span.

Maybe I’m getting used to it, because it didn’t feel as creepy as the previous two volumes.

However, that doesn’t subtract from my enjoyment of the story in the least!

But before I go on, let me tell you, that just like the first two sequels, this can be read, understood and enjoyed without knowledge of the previous novels. Each can easily be read (or, preferably listened to) as a stand-alone novel.

As for the cover: this is not as bloody and gory a story as the cover makes us believe, which only goes to show that that old advice of not judging a book by its cover has its merit.

Jake Urry is the perfect narrator for this type of story, he absolutely manages to convey the atmosphere of this cold and bleary winter, and the horror Ulrich once again faces. In my opinion, the occasional sound effects didn’t add to the story, but then I don’t like sound effects in audio books at all, and I can only forgive it here because it isn’t too loud, too obtrusive, occurs only a few times, and doesn’t drown out the narration, and because Jake Urry does such a great job.

Now that I got that off my chest, let me talk about the book. I’d like to put my focus this time not so much on the content, but more on the characters.

At book #3 I feel as if I know Ulrich quite well, and I can relate to his love of coffee (although I’m by no means a coffee connoisseur),and his abhorrence of alcohol. I’m not teetotal, but I’m very moderate when it comes to alcohol intake, because I know how easily one can slip into an addiction, and I can see the consequences of that on a daily basis.

Ulrich is not fond of cats (another thing I can relate to), but he does his best to accommodate a cat whose owner can no longer care for it. This is something I really like about Ulrich, and I think he is becoming quite fond of the cat, even though he probably wouldn’t admit it.

Ulrich isn’t a person who is outgoing and friendly, and I feel that suffering from real or imagined wrongs is part of his character. His streak of bad luck seems to be broken, however, and he is on the up for once. He isn’t even the person without any social contacts I took him for in book #1 (The Sick House).

All in all, Ulrich is a person with all the weaknesses and strengths that make a character believable, and his initial reactions to his otherworldly encounters are absolutely understandable and convincing.

The next character with a personality is Beardsley, the cat. I can just picture the havoc it wreaks in Ulrich’s apartment, and it makes me smile.

The other characters in this story are of no great import, except for Vivian Poole, who has been dead for ten years. What happened back then, and why? Why does Michael see her, and what is his second wife’s role in this? Though no main characters, they don’t remain completely pale, we (i.e. Ulrich) find out quite some truths about them all.

I have to admit that I suspected something far more sinister than Michael claims — but I won’t let you know whether I was right.

Conclusion: A great story about negligence, lies, revenge,and friendship. Possibly not the strongest book in the series, but nonetheless very enjoyable.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Jake Urry. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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Limited copies of the first two installments of The Ulrich Files audiobook are available for interested reviewers on The Audiobookworm’s Adopt-An-Audiobook page.


Once upon a time, a young Ambrose Ibsen discovered a collection of ghost stories on his father’s bookshelf. He was never the same again.

Apart from horror fiction, he enjoys good coffee, brewed strong.

Ambrose Ibsen has penned numerous horror and thriller titles, including The Ulrich Files, Transmission, The Demon-Hearted Series and the Winthrop House Series.


Jake Urry has been narrating and producing Audiobooks since February 2016, and in that time has released 17 titles, including The Cryptic Lines by Richard Storry, White is the Coldest Colour by John Nicholl, and the PI Harlan Ulrich series by Ambrose Ibsen. His narration work is often dark and suspenseful, and he developing a reputation for Mysteries, Thrillers and Horrors. In 2017 Jake will be working on more work by John Nicholl and Richard Storry, along with a sprinkling of Fantasy adventures.





Darkside Blues

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