Review: Burning Ground by D.A. Galloway

About the Audiobook

Author: D.A. Galloway

Narrator: Michael Bauer

Length: 16 hours 59 minutes

Publisher: D.A. Galloway⎮2021

Genre: Historical Fiction; Time Travel

Series: Frontier Time Traveler Series, Book 1

Release date: Aug. 16, 2021

Synopsis: Does time heal all wounds? Or do some last forever?

Pennsylvania, 1971: Graham Davidson is a young man with survivor’s guilt after the death of three siblings.

Estranged from his father and seeking a direction in his life, Graham learns about vision quests from a Crow Indian. He secures seasonal employment in Yellowstone National Park and embarks on a spiritual journey.

Wyoming Territory, 1871: Under a full moon at a sacred thermal area, Graham finds himself in Yellowstone a century earlier – one year before it was established as a national park. He joins the Hayden Expedition, which was commissioned to explore the region.

Although a military escort provides protection for the explorers, the cavalry’s notorious lieutenant threatens Graham. His perilous journey through the future park is marred by a horrific tragedy in a geyser basin, a grizzly bear attack, and an encounter with hostile Blackfeet Indians.

Graham falls in love with Makawee, a beautiful Crow woman who serves as a guide. As the expedition nears its conclusion, Graham is faced with an agonizing decision.

Does he stay in the previous century with the woman he loves or travel back to the future?

If you like the historical time travel adventure of Outlander or enjoyed the movie Dances with Wolves, then you’ll love Burning Ground!

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There are some topics I can never resist: anything related to books (i.e. bookshops, libraries, etc) being one, and time travel being another.

So, when audiobookworm promotions looked for hosts for this tour, I was glad to join.

The premise sounded fascinating, and the book didn’t disappoint.

The book starts slow; the time travel event doesn’t happen until well into the story, but I didn’t mind, because the book drew me in right from the start.

Yellowstone National Park is a fascinating place of which I knew very little when starting the book. Its history is interesting, and I’d really love to visit one day.

We learn a bit about Yellowstone’s past and recent past, its meaning to the Native Americans, and some of the problems that came with the white usurpers.

My impression was, that the book is very well researched. I didn’t look up any of the historic people mentioned, but I never doubted that D.A. Galloway got his facts right. I imagine that Hayden’s 1871 expedition is well documented in text and photos and paintings, but D.A. Galloway weaves an intriguing tale with fascinating characters and vivid descriptions of the trials and tribulations such an expedition would bring, as well as the joyful, stunning moments.

Everything is described so vividly, I felt like I was there. The book makes me want to go and follow the trail this specific expedition took — although I’m not fond of mosquitoes, and the wildlife would scare me.

Michael Bauer did a terrific job as a narrator, I actually ‘heard’ all the different people and was never at a loss as to who said what; all the characters are distinctive. Mr Bauer’s diction was excellent, making it easy for me to understand every word — English is not my first language, so a clear diction is essential for me to enjoy an audio book.

The whole experience was absolutely great, and time flew by — I never even realized the length of the book.

I would recommend this book not only to readers who are interested in history, or geology, but to everybody who wants to enjoy a great story.

About the Author: D.A. Galloway

D.A. Galloway, Author

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania near Gettysburg. After a long career in the paper industry and writing a bestselling nonfiction book, Safety WALK Safety TALK, I decided to follow a once-dormant dream of writing a novel. I enjoy reading about adventurers and explorers, traveling internationally, riding a recumbent tandem bike, and spending time with my grandsons.

Burning Ground was inspired by two memorable summers of my youth.

As a teenager, I worked on a fruit farm in Pennsylvania. It is here I met Redfield, a Crow Indian who lived a simple life but had a profound effect on the way I saw the world and people around me.

As a young man, I spent a summer in Yellowstone National Park in the late 1970’s giving guided tours on Yellowstone Lake. When I was not working, my days were spent exploring all corners of that magnificent land, often in the backcountry. My love for our nation’s first national park is rooted in that wonderful experience. 

I am currently working on the sequel to Burning Ground, titled Fatal Ground.


About the Narrator: Michael Bauer

Micael Bauer, Narrator

I am a professionally trained actor with a BFA in drama from NYU Tisch school of the arts, and an MFA in acting from UCLA. While in grad school I studied voice narration with Scott Brick and Pat Fraley, and I love to bring new works of literature to life. When I’m not reading I enjoy surfing, fencing and coaching kids soccer on the weekends. Dialects I am comfortable portraying include English, Cockney, Scottish, German, Russian, Irish.



I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by D.A. Galloway. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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