Review: A Coin for the Ferryman by Megan Edwards

Author: Megan Edwards, Narrator: Mark Ashby, Publisher: Imbrifex Books, 01.March 2022; audiobook, length: 13:15h

Synopsis: in 1999, physicist and nobel laureate Andrew Danicek gathers a team of experts to bring Julius Caesar to the here and now for a chat with various experts.

At first, all goes smoothly, but then all plans go awry, and it is unsure if they can bring Caesar back to his time and place.

My thoughts:

The title and book blurb were intriguing, so I requested a copy from netgalley and was lucky to get one.

It is a slow start; for a long time, nothing much is happening, yet I listened with bated breath — after all, it is about time travel, and who isn’t intrigued by time travel?
Add to that the very intriguing title…
We get to know the main characters and their background stories, and slowly, the story unfolds.
Once the first part of the time travel has been successfully accomplished, the speed picks up, and our heroine has her hands full if she wants to save the day.

There are very good observations of how people behave under which circumstances, which, to me, added to the story, even though it slowed it down.
There are some nice twists and turns, and the plot kept me listening until the ending, with only brief breaks for sleep.

The narrator’s enunciation was perfect, although I think he might be better suited to read non-fiction — but of course that is subjective, and he did a good job, especially with his pronunciation of German words.


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