Bilingual Review: S. J. Parris – Prophecy

S. J. Parris: Prophecy, audio, whole story audio books/audible, narrator: Laurence Kennedy, 14:39h, € 20,95
S. J. Parris: Prophecy, audio, whole story audio books/audible, narrator: Laurence Kennedy, 14:39h, € 20,95

Ich habe kürzlich ‘Heresy’, das erste Giordano Bruno Buch gehört, und es war klasse. Meine Neugier war geweckt, also kaufte ich mir die Fortsetzung, nicht zuletzt weil Laurence Kennedy so ein toller Sprecher ist. Im Großen und Ganzen hat mir das Buch gut gefallen, aber es hat einige Längen,so dass ich zeitweise leicht abgelenkt war.  Ich habe tatsächlich zwischendrin ein komplett anderes Buch gehört, bevor ich mich wieder diesem zuwandte.

Das Tempo ist nicht hoch, erst ziemlich zum Schluss nimmt es an Fahrt auf. Trotzdem ist es ein sehr gutes Buch, besonders, wenn man an Geschichte interessiert ist. Neugierig wie ich war recherchierte ich selbst ein bisschen,und zu meiner Überraschung sind nicht nur die englischen Hauptcharaktere belegte historische Persönlichkeiten (wessen ich mir durchaus bewusst gewesen war), sondern auch Giordano Bruno basiert auf einer historischen Person, dessen Ideen, die im Buch dargestellt werden, tatsächlich die Ideen waren, wegen derer er im richtigen Leben von der römischen Kirche verfolgt wurde. Dasselbe gilt für John Dee und Kelley. Ich bewundere die Menge an akribischer Recherche die in die Giordano Bruno Serie geflossen ist.

Geschichtsfans werden das Buch lieben, Mysteryfans werden möglicherweise enttäuscht sein, denn obwohl Bruno auf Mörderjagd ist, ist dies doch eher ein Aufhänger für ein Bild der politischen Situation der Zeit, mit ihren Verschwörungen und  ihrer Spionage. Es vermittelt einen perfekten Eindruck der Maria Stuart – Elizabeth I Problematik mit allem was da so dranhängt.

Ein großartiges Buch mit einigen Schwächen die man leicht vergeben kann aufgrund der Fülle an Informationen die das Buch enthält.

Die deutsche Übersetzung erschien unter dem Titel: Frevel bei Bastei Lübbe und ist als ebook (€8,99) und Paperback (€9,99) erhältlich.

English Version:

I listened to Heresy, the first Giordano Bruno book, recently, and I loved it. It made me curious enough to buy the sequel, too, not least because Laurence Kennedy is such a great narrator.

I enjoyed this book on the whole, but it had some lengths, so I was easily distracted at times. In fact, I stopped to listen to a whole different book before returning to this one.
The whole story is slow-paced and only picks up some speed toward the very end.
It is a still a very good book, especially if you’re interested in history. I was curious, so I did some research, and to my surprise, I found that not only the main English characters are factual (something I had been aware of before), but that even Giordano Bruno is based on a factual character, and that his ideas portrayed in the book were indeed the ideas he was prosecuted for by the Roman church. Same goes for John Dee and Kelley. I’m quite in awe of the amount of meticulous research that has gone into the Giordano Bruno series.
All history buffs will love this book, all those hoping for a great mystery might be disappointed, because although Bruno hunts for a murderer, this is a mere hook for a portray of the political situation at the time, with all its conspiracies and spying. It gives a perfect idea of the Mary Stuart-Elizabeth I problematic with all that’s entangled in it.

A really great book with some weaknesses, but they are easily forgiven due to the amount of information the book contains.

Review: Sabaa Tahir – An Ember in the Ashes (bilingual)

Sabaa Tahir: An Ember in the Ashes; audio, Listening Library/audible, 15:22h, € 40,95
Sabaa Tahir: An Ember in the Ashes; audio, Listening Library/audible, 15:22h, € 40,95


This is a gripping tale of an oppressed people and their fight to overthrow their usurpers.
We have a two perspective narration, and there are two narrators for this audio book. Both Fiona Hardingham and Steve West are doing a great job!

The topic reminded me of another favourite of mine, namely the Red Rising series. I thought it was a funny coincidence that both series have a Roman theme going: names, legionaries, etc.
Then again, the old Romans were a martial people who conquered lots of the European peoples of their time, so the theme probably suggests itself.

It took me only 1.5 days to listen to the whole story, I didn’t manage to put it down (i.e. switch it off).
I’ve bought and downloaded the sequel now.
As usual, I subtracted a star because the story isn’t really finished. OK, so there is no big cliffhanger, but there are lots of loose ends, and as a stand-alone, this book would have been unsatisfying.
Still, it’s a great story that drew me right in and at the ending spat me out wanting more.


Deutsch: (für originalsprachiges Hörbuch)


Dies ist eine ergreifende Geschichte über ein unterdrücktes Volk und ihren Kampf, um die Unterdrücker abzuschütteln.
Es gibt zwei Erzählperspektiven: die von Laia, der Sklavin, und die von Elias, der Maske. Die Sprecher Fiona Hardingham and Steve West machen ihre Sache großartig!

Das Thema erinnerte mich an eine andere Serie, die ich großartig finde, und zwar an ‘Red Rising’.
Lustigerweise herrschen auch dort römische Namen und Begriffe vor — aber die alten Römer waren ja auch ein kriegerisches Volk das einen Großteil Europas erobert hatte, da ist das vermutlich naheliegend.

Ich habe keine zwei Tage für dieses Buch gebraucht, und die Fortsetzung wartet schon auf mich.

Ich ziehe einen Stern ab, denn obwohl es eine Art Abschluss gibt und nicht mit einem miesen Cliffhanger endet, gibt es diverse unabgeschlossenen Dinge, und als Einzelband wäre es unbefriedigend.
Trotzdem ist es ein großartiges Buch das mich direkt reingezogen hat, und am Ende wurde ich ausgespuckt mit dem Wunsch nach mehr.

2017 Audiobook Challenge

2017 Audiobook Challenge

The Audiobook Challenge is back for 2017!

Join Hot Listens and our new co-host Caffeinated Book Reviewer for the 5th year of great audio books.

Audiobooks are great for those times you want to read but can’t for some reason like driving, doing chores, working out, or if you’re one of the lucky ones like me, listen to them at work.

I hope all those new and old junkies can join us once again for The 2017 Audiobook Challenge.

Listening has never been better!  Thanks to the continued popularity of Audiobooks just about everything is being published on audio…YAY!

We will hold 2 updates with giveaways. First update will be June 30th, 2017 and the final update will be Dec 15, 2017

There has never been a better time for reading with our ears🙂

First time I participate. I found out through my friend and fellow audio book addict Cyndi Marie. The challenge is hosted by Hot Listens and Caffeinated Book reviewer. I’m going for the ‘marathoner’, which means I intend to listen to at least 50 audio books this year. Should be easy. 🙂

If you’re intrigued, head over to the Hot Listens website (link above) to find out more.

I’ll link to my (goodreads) reviews as far as available.

And without further ado, here’s my list of audio books for 2017

  1. The Honorable Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation  by Jennifer Joy, narrated by  Nancy Peterson
  2.  A Very English Scandal: Sex, Lies and a Murder Plot at the Heart of the Establishment by John Preston, narrated by Daniel Weyman
  3. Finders Keepers (The Jane Barnaby Adventures Book 1) by JJ DiBenedetto, narrated by Cait Frizzell
  4. The Path of Destiny: The Cremelino Prophecy, Book 1, narrated by John Pirhalla
  5. Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman, narrated by  Jessica Almasy
  6. Der Wächter des schlafenden Berges (Kalypto 3) by Tom Jacuba, narrated by Jürgen Kluckert
  7. Dunkeljäger by Alexey Pehov, narrated by Oliver Siebeck
  8. Last Song Before Night by Ilana Myer, narrated by Alison McKenna
  9. The Burning Page by Genevieve Gogman, narrated by Susan Duerden
  10. The Light behind the Window by Lucinda Riley, narrated by Gerri Halligan
  11. Das Lied der Störche by Ulrike Renk, narrated by Yara Blümel
  12. The Night I danced with Rommel by Elizabeth Marrion, narrated by Nancy Peterson
  13. Heresy by S. J. Parris, narrated by Laurence Kennedy
  14. Age of Myth by Michael J Sullivan, narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds
  15. Steelheart (Reckoners #1) by Brandon Sanderson, narrated by McLeod Andrews
  16. The Evil Genius  by Wilkie Collins, narrated by librivox volunteers
  17. An Ember in the Ashes by Saaba Tahir, narrated by Fiona Hardingham and Steve West
  18. Prophecy by S. J. Parris, narrated by Laurence Kennedy
  19. The Death of Dulgath (Riyria Chronicles #3) by Michael J Sullivan, narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds
  20. Firefight (Reckoners #2) by Brandon Sanderson, narrated by McLeod Andrews
  21. Initials Only by Anna Katharine Green, narrated by librivox volunteers
  22. Calamity (Reckoners #3) by Brandon Sanderson, narrated by McLeod Andrews
  23. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, narrated by Jeremy Irons
  24. A Torch against the Night by Saaba Tahir, narrated by Fiona Hardingham, Katharine McEwan, and Steve West
  25. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein, narrated by Jesse Bernstein
  26. Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti, narrated by Natasha Soudek
  27. Thinblade (Sovereign of the Seven Isles #1) by David A. Wells, narrated by Derek Perkins
  28. Sovereign Stone (Sovereign of the Seven Isles #2) by David A. Wells, narrated by Derek Perkins
  29. Mindbender (Sovereign of the Seven Isles #2) by David A. Wells, narrated by Derek Perkins
  30. Blood of the Earth (Sovereign of the Seven Isles #2) by David A. Wells, narrated by Derek Perkins
  31. Jack of Thieves (The Master Thief #1) by Ben Hale, narrated by Derek Perkins
  32. White is the Coldest Colour (Dr. David Galbraith #1) by John Nicholl, narrated by Jake Urry
  33. Not my Father’s Son by Alan Cumming, narrated by Alan Cumming
  34. Dawn of Wonder (The Awakening) by Jonathan Renshaw, narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds
  35. The Black Orchid (Lady Jane Mysteries #2) by Annis Bell, narrated by Sue Pitkin
  36. Cursed Bones (Sovereign of the Seven Isles #5) by David A. Wells, narrated by Derek Perkins
  37. This Bitter Treasure (Palmyrton Estate Sale Mysteries #3) by S. W. Hubbard, narrated by Janelle Tedesco
  38. A Man of some Repute (Very English Mystery #1) by Elizabeth Edmondson, narrated by Michael Page
  39. His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet, narrated by Cameran Mowat, and Crawford Logan
  40. Old Loves Die Hard by Lauren Carr, narrated by James C. Lewis
  41. The Sick House (The Ulrich Files #1) by Ambrose Ibsen, narrated by Jake Urry
  42. The Murders at Astaire Castle by Lauren Carr, narrated by Dan Lawson
  43. Daughter of the Sun by Barbara Wood, narrated by Rebecca Roberts
  44. Medicine for the Dead (The Ulrich Files #2) by Ambrose Ibsen, narrated by Jake Urry
  45. Darkside Blues (The Ulrich Files #3) by Ambrose Ibsen, narrated by Jake Urry
  46. The New Savants: Surge of the Red Plague by Tim Flanagan, narrated by Martin Hillier
  47. Assassin’s Fate (Fitz and the Fool Trilogy #3) by Robin Hobb, narrated by Elliot Hill
  48. Anomalies by Sadie Turner & Colette Freedman, narrated by Lucinda Clare
  49. Funny in Farsi written and narrated by Firoozeh Dumas
  50. Dragon’s Heart (The Dragon Fey Saga book 1) by Michelle Rabe, narrated by Karen-Eileen Gordon
  51. Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey, narrated by Carole Boyd
  52. Malaise Falchion by Paul Barrett, narrated by Jack Wayne
  53. Sharpe Shooter by Lisa B. Thomas, narrated by Madeline Mrozek
  54. Lost Girl Hidden by Colleen Vanderlinden, narrated by Tonya Cornelisse
  55. A King of Infinite Space (Long Beach Homicide, #1) by Tyler Dilts, narrated by Alex Hyde-White
  56. Greatshadow (Dragon Apocalypse, #1) by James Maxey, narrated by Jake Urry
  57. Next Stop, Chancey (Chancey #1) by Kay Dew Shostak , narrated by Suzanne Barbetta
  58. Aquila by Ursula Poznanski, narrated by Laura Maire
  59. Three Daughters by Consuelo Saahr Baehr, narrated by Karen Peakes
  60. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, narrated by Nicholas Guy Smith
  61. Timekeeper by Tara Sim, narrated by Gary Furlong
  62. Caraval (Caraval 1) by Stephanie Garber, narrated by Rebecca Soler
  63. Elizabeth’s Legacy (Royal Institute of Magic 1) by Victor Kloss, narrated by Peter Kenny
  64. The Shadowseeker  (Royal Institute of Magic 2) by Victor Kloss, narrated by Peter Kenny
  65. The Protectors  (Royal Institute of Magic 3) by Victor Kloss, narrated by Peter Kenny
  66. The Silver Dwarf (Royal Institute of Magic 4) by Victor Kloss, narrated by Peter Kenny
  67. Golden Age (The Shifting Tides #1) by James Maxwell, narrated by Simon Vance
  68. Siver Road   (The Shifting Tides #2) by James Maxwell, narrated by Simon Vance
  69. Copper Chain (The Shifting Tides #3) by James Maxwell, narrated by Simon Vance
  70. The Bird and the Sword (The Bird and the Sword Chronicles, #1) by Amy Harmon, narrated by Trina  Nishimura
  71. The Queen and the Cure (The Bird and the Sword Chronicles, #2) by Amy Harmon, narrated by Trina  Nishimura
  72. Murder in an Irish Village by Carlene O’Connor, narrated by Caroline Lennon
  73. Colorless by Rita Stradling, narrated by Lauri Jo Daniels
  74. A Matter of Loyalty (A very English Mystery #3) by Anselm Audley, narrated by Michael Page
  75. The Memory Watcher by Minka Kent, narrated by Sally Vahle and Morgan Laure
  76. Around the World in Eighty Days, written and narrated by Michael Palin
  77. From the Cradle by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards, narrated by James Clamp
  78. The Fifth Doll by Charlie N. Holmberg, narrated by Angela Dawe
  79. A Mind to Kill by John Nicholl, narrated by Jake Urry

Gelesen und gehört im Februar und März

So, heute ist der letzte Tag im März, und ehe ich es wieder vergesse, hier mal was ich in den letzten beiden Monaten so gehört und gelesen habe.


Dies ist ein copy&paste von einer anderen Seite, deswegen sind eventuelle Kommentare auf englisch, aber es sind allerhand deutsche Titel dabei.



The Silent Barrier by Louis Tracy (LV ):15)–no mystery this time, but a romance

The Postmaster’s Daughter by Louis Tracy (LV, 07:37)–another mystery novel in good old Louis Tracy style. :)

Der Tod und andere Höhepunkte meines Lebens by Sebastian Niedlich (07:22) — Great book, but unfortunately abridged for the CDs, so about 1/3 of the book is missing, and it shows in places.

The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister (10:18) — a chance find, and a great one. Read by two narrators (1 male, 1 female), it’s a really great story about love, deceit, and illusions.

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb (17:23)– Great book, great narrator, absolutely recommendable for fantasy buffs like me.


Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb (29:21) — s.a.

Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb (37:39)– Loved it as much as the previous volumes in this trilogy.

The Lake House by Kate Morton (21:25)– Great story telling, not sure about the ending, though. Exceptional narration by Caroline Lee.

Katherine Lauderdale by Francis Marion Crawford (as DPL) (07:46:24) — Interesting story about a young couple in New York.

Katherine Lauderdale Volume 2 by Francis Marion Crawford (as DPL) — a bit of an open ending, but OK.

Die Herren der Grünen Insel by Kiera Brennan (33:04)– I was glad I could switch between reading and listening.

The Spell/Sword book 1 by G Derek Adams (05:08) — got this one for free from the narrator in exchange for an honest review on audible.

Finished books:


Für König und Vaterland – Der Wechselbalg by Susanne Gerdom (400p)–contains vampires, werewolves, and whatnot. A fun read, but incomplete (it’s the start of a new series)

AnimA (473p) by Kim Kestner — a great (if very heavy) book about ethics, moral, belief.

Freestyler by Katja Brandis (420p)– a really great book for young adults about body enhancement

Spiegelseele by Rebecca Pax (316p) — OK criminal story, not totally convincing


Die Liebe meines Vaters by Sabine Eichhorst (363p) – Loved this book, although the blurb is misleading

Feine Leute by Joan Weng (330p) — not a good book, unfortunately. The idea was nice enough, but it lacked everything, especially tension, which is a must for a detective story

The Child of the Moat by I. B. Stoughton Holborn — It’s on the book suggestion list here, so I suggested it for DP, and I loved it.

Die Herren der Grünen Insel by Kiera Brennan (959p) – a historical novel about 12th Century Ireland. Very violent stuff, similar to the ‘Game of Thrones’ series, so nut my cup of tea, really.

Elathar – Das Herz der Magie by Rachel Crane (526p) aka Brigitte Melzer – a fantasy novel. Nicely done, but too light, and too predictable.

Im Jahr des Affen by Que Du Luu (288p) — a lovely YA ‘coming-of-age’ book. Very funny.

Versuchungen – Temptations (bilingual)




Wir haben gerade mal den 04. Januar, und schon habe ich meinen SuB um ein Buch vermehrt, anstatt ihn abzubauen.

Außerdem habe ich in diverse Hörbücher reingehört. Immerhin habe ich ‘The Riddle Ring‘ (Hörbuchlink) zu ende gehört, das ist schon mal ein Teilerfolg.

Ich glaube, wenn ich eine Chance haben soll, meinem SuB wirklich zu Leibe zu rücken, muss ich den Computer auslassen. All die Newsletter und Blogs, wo mir Bücher vorgestellt werden, sind zu verlockend — oder ich bin zu schwach. Das ist wie in der Werbung: Sind sie zu stark, bist du zu schwach…

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Der Anfang ist gemacht oder: Off to a good start?

Coffee and Repartee by John Kendrick Bangs, Librivoxaufnahme
Coffee and Repartee by John Kendrick Bangs, Librivoxaufnahme

Gestern hatte ich ein paar Bücher aufgeführt die ich angefangen habe zu lesen, sowie ein Hörbuch, das ich momentan höre.

Aber was interessiert mich denn mein Gewäsch von gestern — heute stolperte ich zufällig über das oben angeführte Buch, und da es sich interessant anhörte, und auch noch kurz ist, habe ich es mal schnell eingeschoben.

Schließlich befinde ich mich momentan in keiner Leserunde, kann also mein Tempo und meine Lektüre selbst bestimmen (es ergibt sich aus der Natur der Leserunden, dass es einen gewissen Zeitraum gibt innerhalb dessen man das Buch gelesen haben sollte. An welcher Leserunde ich teilnehme suche ich selbstverständlich selbst aus).

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